Tuesday, December 17, 2019

পতাকা বাঁধতে বাঁধতে মৃত্যু

Great Victory Day is not happiness for everyone. For some people, it is painful and difficult.A resident of Bagalabazar area of ​​Habiganj city died of heart attack while hoisting the national flag on the day of the Great Victory. The incident took place at Jatindra Bhaban at 8 pm this morning. The deceased, Pradeep Merchant, has been working as a manager at Shriguru Industries in Bogla Bazar for about 25 years. Neighbors and neighbors came to the area to watch the video being recorded on CC TV footage.

On the morning of the incident, he was preparing to fly the flag of Victory Day. CC TV footage shows a flag hanging on a bamboo bar while he shouted and fell to the porch floor. At the time of his death, Pradeep Merchant was 7 years old. Her death has brought grief to the area. He is the son of a deceased nanu merchant of Shamipur village of Azmiriganj upazila.Allah knows best how He has put us to death.

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