Monday, June 24, 2019

১১৩০০ টাকা বেতনে জিটিসিএল কোম্পানিতে নিয়োগ চলছ

The appointment is going on at Gas Transmission Company Limited. Recruitment for Gas Transmission Company Limited is being recruited from 11300 to 27 thousand 300 rupees. Deadline for appointment of Gas Transmission Company Limited 28/7 / 19. GAS Transmission Company Limited qualifications for appointment to the post of Receptionist. Bachelor Certification in any matter requiring educational qualification.Gas Transmission Company Limited Petrobangla is a company


post name ঃReceptionist

Number of posts ঃ2

Salary :11300-27300 taka

company name ঃGTCL

Application deadline ঃ28/7/19

Application placeঃsee under the notice picture

Job location ঃDhaka

Job natureঃfull time

Job typeঃNonGovernment job

Educational qualification ঃGraduate Certificate in any topic

Age ঃ 18-30

Experience requirements ঃsee download notice form

 Download Notice Form

source ঃbdjobscareer

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